Procedures that I follow are:
I like to meet with my clients in order to get to know them and know their needs and wants in their landscape. I also like to look at the site itself to get a better idea what can be done and what can't be done.
I can produce landscape plans that you can do in one year or plans that can be broken up into phases. For example the landscape can be a 5 year plan but still look good through each phase.
Maybe you just need a new look for your house and want to renovate an area such as to add an outdoor living area like a fire pit, or you are looking at adding a pool.  I can draw up a landscape that can flow seamlessly from the old landscape to the new. Or maybe the plants you have arent looking as nice as before and you want a fresh new plant layout. Just changing some of the plants that you have and where they are can do a lot for the look.

I'm a detail oriented and driven worker. I'm a firm believer in keeping to a schedule and working  hard to meet deadlines. I am located along the Wasatch Front in Utah and because of that I am dedicated to using water wise  landscapes that look beautiful and welcoming but with a lower maintence bill. I'm a big outdoorsman and love to create an outdoor oasis for family get togethers and entertainment. Call me today for your personal design!